Our Process

  • Listen & Learn: We discuss the reason the clients are seeking our advice and learn about the context of their individual circumstances
  • Educate: We share different ways to address the goals and objectives of the clients
  • Feedback: We listen carefully to the clients’ feedback to understand their priorities and what makes them comfortable
  • Recommendations: We give our professional opinion to recommend solution(s) based on their goals and feedback
  • Implementation: Along with our experienced staff, we handle the due diligence and administration of the solutions chosen by our clients
  • Service: We monitor the financial solutions in place with respect to our clients’ individual circumstances throughout the duration of their working years and retirement


  • Every client is different: While we have a standard of an annual touch point, at a minimum, with our clients, we understand everyone has unique circumstances.  Our staff and advisors are always accessible to our clients’ needs no matter what situation should arise.
  • Our staff: Dean, Helen, and Darcy are an extension of our financial professionals.  Our clients have many options for support beyond their financial advisors.
  • Coordination with other professionals: Our advisors often work in coordination with our clients’ accountants, attorneys, and various other professionals to maximize efficient planning.
  • Technology: Our firm utilizes a multitude of technology for research, back-office management, and client resources for both education and secure account access.
  • Behavioral support: One aspect that makes our firm unique is our attention to behavioral tendencies of our clients. With over 250 years of combined industry experience, our firm offers a comprehensive perspective as well as a multitude of resources and education to help our clients avoid the many pitfalls of the average investor.